Time To Change Worcestershire

Time to Change Worcestershire is a partnership of local organisations and people, co-ordinated by Community First, who are committed to ending mental health stigma and discrimination.

Time to Change Worcestershire want to take action to end negative attitudes and behaviors towards people experiencing mental health problems in our communities.

About the Time to Change Campaign
Time to Change Worcestershire is made up of Worcestershire Health and Wellbeing Board, Worcestershire County Council, Community First, Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust, the University of Worcester, Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce, West Mercia Police, Redditch and Bromsgrove District Councils, Unison, and local champions. Our voice is stronger and louder thanks to funding by the Department of Health, Comic Relief and the Big Lottery Fund. Our campaign is run by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, and thousands more organisations have joined us to make change happen.

TTC Community Champions
Time to Change Champions are a movement of people across the country who use their own experience of mental health to change the way we all think and act about mental health. Encouraging people to open up to mental health – to talk and to listen – is the first step. 

We are encouraging people to sign up as champions to campaign to end mental health discrimination in their communities. Champions run activities, get involved at events, speak out about mental health and much more! If you are over 18 years old and have personal lived mental health experience and want to make a difference by joining others to challenge stigma and prejudice in mental health, let us know by signing up here.

Champions Fund Now Available

Funding to help challenge mental health stigma in Worcestershire
Each applicant must be a registered Time to Change Champion and can apply for up to £500. The funding will be used to spark conversations between people who have experienced mental health problems and those who may have not. Talking about mental health problems and sharing real life stories helps to change the way we all think and act about mental health problems.

Activities can range from stalls in shopping centres or festivals to free haircuts by bantering barbers to walk and talk dog walks.

This is a great opportunity for people who have experienced mental health problems to share their story and encourage people to talk more openly about mental health.

Download the application below

TTC Employer Champions and Change Makers
If you do not have lived experience of mental health but you are an Employer and want to become an Employer Champion or you are involved in your community in another way and want to become a Change Maker, then sign up here, if you share our passion for wanting to challenge stigma and prejudice in mental health in the workplace or in your community. We will keep you informed of the campaign and how you can be involved, as well as letting you know about meetings and events:

Too many people with mental health problems are made to feel isolated, ashamed and worthless. But with the right support from those around them, people can recover and have equal opportunities in all areas of life. Encouraging people to open up to mental health – to talk and to listen – is the first step

If you would like more information or to sign up as a Champion please contact: Amanda Wright, amandaw@comfirst.org.uk 01684 312754 or for the Champion Funds, Emma Buckingham, emmab@comfirst.org.uk 01684 312751