Worcestershire Next Generation


Leaders from Worcestershire’s businesses, voluntary, community and public sector organisations have pledged to work together as part of a new project aimed at creating a better future for Worcestershire.

Worcestershire Next Generation, which launched on 1 October, outlines 25 commitments which focus on three linked priorities; prosperity, community and environment, and are dedicated to preserving the quality of life for local residents by 2040 and beyond.
The project is seeking to stimulate cross-sector participation in shaping a prosperous, vibrant and inclusive county into the future on the basis that by working together far more than be achieved than if things are done separately.

Councillor Adrian Hardman said: “Over the last 10 years, Worcestershire has been a prosperous place to live and work, but economic and environmental change, as well as the changing nature of our society, could impact heavily on the future of the county if we do not work together.

“Worcestershire Next Generation is now calling on community leaders to join in the conversation about the county’s future.

“We need them to tell us what commitments are most important to them, what will change in their organisations as a result of the project and how others can help them contribute these important changes.”

To watch a video of Richard Quallington, Community First Chief Executive, click here or for more information about Worcester Next Generation click this link

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