Worcestershire Community Foundation

The Worcestershire Community Foundation is an independent charity. Formed in 2003 they work to link donor funds, from individuals, families, companies and government, to Worcestershire’s diverse network of local groups.

This enables them to target the money where it will make the most impact and use every penny efficiently to meet local needs.

The Community Foundation have built  expertise in local issues and believe in supporting projects designed by local people, to address issues that directly affect them. Getting the community involved right from the start means that initiatives are more likely to work, and to continue and therefore change lives.

Worcestershire Community Foundation are part of a national network of Community Foundations, one of the fastest growing philanthropic movements in the UK.

The Community Foundation has three main routes for funding:

  • Working as a conduit for national or regional funding from external sources. Examples of these include Comic Relief, Surviving Winter and the Midshires Co-operative. In these cases the distribution of grants is determined by the organisation providing the funding with the Foundation acting as the local “agent”
  • Distributing funds raised locally through activities such as out 100 Club by the foundation against our own priorities or those of the donor.
  • Building an Endowment for Worcestershire and distributing the interest from this as grants. This is the core purpose of the Foundation and although they are still in the early stages of building the endowment its believe that in the long term this will bring significant benefits for the people of Worcestershire.

All grant allocations are scheduled with opening and closing dates for applications. To see what the current state of play is CLICK HERE 

Applications for grants can only be made through the processes described here.

At the Worcestershire Community Foundation they want to ensure that they do the best job for the people of Worcestershire and if you have any thoughts or comments please let us know by emailing EMMA BUCKINGHAM - Grants and Communications Officer. But please don’t send grant applications to this address, follow the instructions in the link above.

If you want to know more about the Worcestershire Community Foundation then please visit our website Worcestershire Community Foundation or contact LUCY WELLS. - Development Director 07909 111812.  

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