What Gets Me Through

'Each bookcase is stuffed to the gunwales with £10 TARDISes that can take me to other times, other places...reading & writing really help my wellbeing' – Ade

Bookcase filled with books

“Going to the gym even on days when I can't be bothered, watching Strongman and Merlin, also my three fur babies who help get me out of bed wanting their breakfast!”

- Vicky



"Tea and biscuits...preferably shared during a good old chat and a giggle with someone"

- Amanda


"Meet Jack, he's a rescue dog who's lived with me for three years.

But there are times when it's him who does the rescuing if I'm feeling

anxious or depressed.

Having an animal in my life is one of the things that gets me through"

– Sarah





“This is what gets me through.

                           I am not an artist but I pick a colour.

Today was orange and just paint...Always feel better after...”

- Karen




"Cats and music, in either order" – Chris


“My horse Harry - my world - my therapy” – Jools


“Writing poetry, talking to family, humour, and my three cats, especially my two Russian Blue pedigree cats” - Kathy


“Friends and Family get me through and Nature. Waiting for my wildflowers to grow, just taking a moment to be in the present” – Karen


"Walking in the local park and watching the steam train come through my town helps me put things in perspective. Sometimes we forget to look up and outside and enjoy where we are today" - Karen












“I have suffered with Anxiety and OCD for about 6 years now. The feelings I get when I am suffering with these can be very overwhelming.

Exercise has always helped me to manage my mental health and feel good about myself. I do Crossfit 5 times a week at 6am. People tell me that I must be very dedicated to train at that time every day, but it actually comes down to knowing it will make my day if I go, and ruin my day if I don’t.

My hour of crossfit in the morning wakes me up, makes me feel good and gives me a buzz for the rest of the day” – Lauren


“What gets me through is my cat. She is always there with purrs and cuddles and the daft things she does make me smile. She always has unconditional love to give x” - Laura





'My yoga class; every week it gets a bit

easier,and seeing minor progress makes

me feel better. 

That, or there’s a lot of laughing about

falling over'

– Emma





“Microcrochet gets me through the hard times, as you can literally only concentrate on the stitches and nothing else, along with walking, caring for my pets, snuggling with my cats and spending time with my husband and kids”

- Sarah




"Maisie, Muppet and Mungo" - Sarah


“Photography, music and doodles seems to work for me; relaxes me totally,

and the fur babies” – Stacey


"When I’m having bad days, I watch comedy shows with audiences. Things like QI, Taskmaster, Cats Does Countdown, etc. The sound of group laughter is always good as well as the obvious bonus of funny people saying funny things." – Gary




“Of course my little boy and my two fur babies keep me in high spirit, but I actually started needle-felting last year, and it's been wonderful for my mental health!!! I highly recommend” – Stacey





"I love my furry little soot gremlin because even when I'm struggling to take care of myself, I just have to take care of him. He has saved my life more than once, and he makes every day better just by being here" – Sally





“My two dogs keep me company if I feel down or lonely.

They are funny sometimes” - Lorraine






"I recently lost my girlfriend aged 46. Found her dead at her home, she was fine the day before, absolutely nothing wrong. Same week my dad was diagnosed with throat cancer which now has spread elsewhere, he had prostate but overcame that three years ago. My dog, her name's Boudica, has been, well I've no words: heaven sent I'd say, she's only 12 months but cheers me up. Hopefully her smile will cheer others x" - Andrew




“Everything to do with wildlife and nature,

my lovely cat, and watching nature

programmes and documentaries”

- Kim






“I really enjoy putting on some music and giving the house a good old clean! Once it's all clean and tidy, this helps me feel much more relaxed and organised, so I can sit down and enjoy a cuppa whilst watching a bit of TV or putting on a comfort film!” - Hannah