Wellness Works

Wellness Works

Wellness Works aims to deliver education, training and awareness raising programmes across Herefordshire and Worcestershire for employers, staff and volunteers, to support emotional health and well-being in the workplace.

Wellness Works 

Welcome to Wellness Works – promoting well-being in the workplace

Wellness Works can enable you to create a healthy and resilient workforce that will help you achieve a healthy and resilient business.

Wellness Works aims to enthuse and empower employers to put the well-being of employees at the heart of their strategy and culture to maximise on the performance benefits for everyone concerned.  We do this by:
• Providing expert business consultancy for decision makers
• Tailoring training and development  to enable your managers to put strategy into practice
• Equipping employees with the skills and techniques to raise levels of resilience during times of change or challenge.

Workplace health and well-being is about much more than stress management and stress prevention, it is about making your workplace a vibrant and effective organisation.

“Wellness Works provides organisations with some space to reflect and take a wider perspective to find a more effective way of doing things.”

For more info on Wellness Works contact:
Amanda Wright, Wellness Works Business Adviser
Email: amandaw@comfirst.org.uk Tel: 01684 312754

Wellness Works is a key partner of Worcestershire Works Well, the FREE local accreditation scheme which supports and recognises best practice in workplace health to download the free toolkit or for more information take a look at the website: http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/info/20037/worcestershire_works_well

Wellness Works is working in partnership with the Mindful Employer initiative.
Led and supported by employers, the MINDFUL EMPLOYER® initiative is aimed at increasing awareness of mental health at work and providing support for businesses in recruiting and retaining staff with mental health problems.

For the Mindful Employer website go to MINDFUL EMPLOYER  

Who Can Help With Mental Health?

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