Wellness Works Programme

What is the Wellness Works project?

Wellness Works delivers education, training and awareness raising programmes across Herefordshire and Worcestershire for employers, staff and volunteers, to support emotional health and well-being in the workplace.

For more info on Wellness Works contact:
Amanda Wright, Wellness Works Business Adviser
Email: amandaw@comfirst.org.uk Tel: 01684 312754

The Business Case

Improving employee health and wellbeing is good for business!

Mental health problems at work currently cost employers in the UK over £28 billion a year. The 7.4 average sickness days per year taken by employees costs employers over £690 pa. but even more alarming are the costs associated with presenteeism – when employees are at work but not performing well – now estimated to be over 1.5 times the cost of actual absence. Mental Health problems account for much of this.

Our work to date has proved that early intervention can be an affordable and effective way of making sure that your organisation keeps these costs to a minimum and helps employees to stay in work and working well.

Employers can’t make people change their behaviour but with our help they can create the conditions which improve employee health, motivation and productivity. We can help you to support a happy, healthy workplace.

Businesses interested in the well-being of their staff are likely to either be planning to survive the global and local financial challenges or eager to maximise on their corporate social responsibility.
Good employers will want to retain and recruit and retain good staff and aim to:
• Create a positive working environment for staff
• Reduce absence rates or lower levels of stress or excessive pressure
• Boost employee performance and satisfaction at work
• Provide better work life balance
• Operate in line with the HSE management standards for stress

Wellness Works supports employers to think strategically about embedding the health and well-being of employees into organisational planning and culture by:
• Raising awareness about the business benefits
• Turning strategy into action using measurable outcomes for business performance
• Introducing well established and appropriate frameworks
• Embedding practice into HR strategy
• Brokering and delivering appropriate training for managers and staff
• Assisting you to track the benefits and keep going

“My top tip to other employers would be to know your staff.”  Voluntary sector employer

“Impact of the changes were noticed by the wider organisation and as a result the site won the Outstanding contact centre of the year award.” Private sector employer

Wellness Works is working in partnership with the Mindful Employer initiative.
Led and supported by employers, the MINDFUL EMPLOYER® initiative is aimed at increasing awareness of mental health at work and providing support for businesses in recruiting and retaining staff with mental health problems.

For the Mindful Employer website go to MINDFUL EMPLOYER