Top Tips for running an effective management committee

Understand and exercise your Rights and Responsibilities as a Committee 

  • See ACRE Information Leaflet No 17 Trustees Rights and Responsibilities

  • See ACRE Information Leaflet No 22 Village Halls as Employers

But don’t panic when you have read about all the responsibilities. Contact us and we can guide you to a range of documents which will help you keep to the rules.

Give new members a proper induction.
Joining a committee can be a frightening and mystifying experience. Give new members mentors on the committee they can go to with questions See ACRE Information Leaflet No 17.
Don’t push people to take on more than they are willing to.
Let people take on small scale specialist roles if that’s what they have to give. Use your power to co-opt members to get specialists onto committees to meet particular needs.

• Rotate jobs.
People are more likely to step up for jobs if they know they can step down after a set period.

• Divide up roles where possible
This is so no one has too much to carry. Look at all the things the key postholders do and see what others could take on.

• Always run meetings to time.
Meetings that go on for more than 1 ½ to 2 hours are likely to make bad decisions and put people off future attendance.

• Find the right place for your meetings.
You will get better attendance and make better decisions if you are warm, comfortable and thirst free.

• Find the right time for your meetings
Remember that people who aren’t there can’t tell you that it’s because they can never make the time you always choose. Be prepared to be flexible.

• Make sure everyone is “in the loop”.
Beware of missing out people not on email or decisions getting made by informal groups within the committee. People who feel left out will drop out.

• Remember you all share the responsibility.
It’s not just the Chair who carries the can. Don’t say “what are you going to do?” Say “what are we going to do.?”

•  And finally....... Don't ask people to join!
It is often the case that there are people out there who would help but don't feel able to make the heavy commitment of becoming full members of the committee. Ask these people to do one-off time limited jobs for the committee. If this involves running public events co-opt them onto the committee just for the event itself so that they are covered by your public liability insurance.

And if you want to dig deeper?

Go to the Governance Hub website  Behind the scary title is a wealth of information on a wide range of topics from Using IT to Supporting Volunteer Centres in trustee recruitment and Involving young people in governance

Or try the National Council of Voluntary Organisations Website for their Trustee Information Centre which can answer a wide range of questions.