To the Moon and Back

Co-ordinated by Worcester University, the Moon Mission involves the people of Herefordshire and Worcestershire walking, pushing, running, pedalling, swimming, toddling, rowing, wheeling - just about any physical activity - to enable the two counties to collectively travel the distance to the moon and back (477,714 miles).

It is designed to encourage everyone to be more physically active and seeks to engage children and adults from schools, colleges, community groups and clubs as well as individuals in the community who are less active or are not involved in community activities.

The moon mission is taking place until July 2015.  Groubs, clubs, schools, businesses and organisations can get involved and can contribute their miles together or log them as individuals. 

Increasing physical activity can have a significant positive effect on overall health and wellbeing and so improve quality of life.

For further information contact  Emma Greenwood on or register your interest in taking part at



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