Time To Change Worcestershire Employers and Employees Activities

Activities for your workplace  

Use this link for free access to some fantastic activities and resources you can use in your workplace to challenge misconceptions, start conversations and change attitudes around mental health.  

TTC Worcestershire Workplace Activities Resources

There are simply loads of great suggestions to be found by clicking the links below including: 

Mental health myth buster quiz

15 minutes Challenge misconceptions and learn the real facts about mental health. Could you use this at a staff meeting, team meeting, staff conference/away day? 

Managing conversations with struggling colleagues

Guidance for having safe and supportive conversations when a colleague shares a mental health problem. 

Ideas for managers                                                         

Suggestions that help you demonstrate value and appreciation to the staff members you manage.   

Six degrees of being in a colleagues corner

A pack that helps you to think about how you can support and or start conversations with colleagues who you work closely with and those that you don't.     

Starting a conversation

Advice on how to start a conversation about mental health. 

There is even a Mental health calendar for you to see key mental health events throughout the year. These can be a great opportunity to engage staff and carry out some of the activities listed above and contained in the website link. Of course if you are following us on social media you will know about these dates!