Performance Improvement

Few charities and not for profit organisations are able to deliver a service without someone, somewhere, asking for proof that they’ve done it and they’ve done it well. Performance improvement is now the overall term for quality – making sure we can prove we’ve done a good job, that we care about our clients or customers, that we continue to strive to provide a better service.

There is a bewildering number of systems, frameworks, methodologies, processes out there calling themselves performance improvement techniques. Coupled with auditing, indicators, targets and measurements, you could be forgiven for thinking that doing good is more about being seen to do good rather than getting services delivered on the ground.

However, without something happening ‘out there’ – on football pitches, in people’s homes, in community centres – there are no services.
So, if we agree that things must happen, and we want them to be done well, how do we navigate our way through the maze of methods to help us prove what we are doing is making a difference?

Fortunately, the New Economics Foundation has become the market leader in providing information, advice and tools to help us measure and improve what we do. Whether we want to or not, funders and contractors are increasingly asking us to do so.

Therefore, one of the best websites to visit is one that has been put together by the New Economics Foundation called Prove and Improve For more information and resources click this link.