Village Halls are essential to supporting the movement!

Village halls and the activities they support provide key opportunities for overcoming isolation and loneliness. They bring people together, build connections and create a sense of community. Village Halls are at the heart and centre of rural communities and ideally placed to reach out to those in their community that are experiencing loneliness.

We want to help village halls engage with as many people as possible by raising awareness of the issues and key trigger points for loneliness. Where it is helpful, we want to be a catalyst helping setting up new activities at village halls or other community hubs, particularly where a new activity would  cater for a range of age groups.

We want to help village halls connect voluntary, community and public sector services, such as social prescribing, and support on issues such as debt, housing, mental health, dementia and bereavement.

We will offer to work with village hall committees who want to further raise awareness and develop an action plan - based on the findings of the Community First Loneliness Toolkit - to increase their impact on loneliness and isolation in their rural community and potentially provide funding to run activities.

Take a look at our Loneliness tool kit and see what you could you do as a Village Hall?

  • Sign up to a pledge
  • Become a Dementia Friendly Village Hall
  • Set up a Neighbourhood Transport Scheme
  • Set up new activities that appeal to your community

If you are a village hall and would like to find out how you can get involved or help contact Emma Buckingham at or Richard Timney, or call us on 01684 312730


OSO! Loneliness Toolkit
OSO! Action Plan