One Step Out! – step out and join in

One Step Out! is Community First’s project supporting rural communities in Herefordshire and Worcestershire to tackle loneliness and isolation. The National Lottery funded project will work with village halls, bringing people together, building connections and creating a sense of rural community.

Loneliness is something everyone can identify with, even if we don‘t want to think or talk about it. There are things we can all do within our communities to enable ourselves and others to feel more supported and less alone.

One Step Out! is about encouraging people to take the first step from home to activities. A positive way to increase social contact and make new friends.

We can all work together to make this happen!


We need your help


Make a pledge to support the One Step Out! Campaign today

We’re asking people from all walks of life to show their support for the One Step Out Campaign in breaking down the barriers surrounding loneliness and isolation.

Make a pledge now to do something, no matter how big or small!

Lets help people in Herefordshire or Worcestershire take the one step they need to break out of loneliness. Find out more here.


Village Halls are essential to supporting the movement! 

Village Halls are at the heart of rural communities and ideally placed to reach out to those in their community.  The One Step Out! project is here to help village halls engage with as many people as possible that are experiencing loneliness and isolation.

Check out our Loneliness Tool Kit! and get in touch with us to help you deliver the actions. Find out more here

 One Step Out Final Report


Volunteer and become a One Step Friend!

We want to encourage and recruit volunteers to support Village Halls as One Step Friends. You will play a vital role in tackling loneliness and isolation in your  community. Find out more here

For more information or to get involved in the One Step Out! campaign, contact Emma Buckingham at or Richard Timney, or call us on 01684 312730.