Make a pledge to support the One Step Out! Campaign today


We are asking people from all walks of life to show their support for the One Step Out Campaign. 

Make a personal pledge to do something, no matter how big or small,  to help to ensure that no one in Herefordshire or Worcestershire lives a lonely day if they don’t want to.

A small action for family, friends, neighbours and those within your rural local community would make all the difference to how lonely they feel.

At Community First, we think it is time for all of us to act. If we ALL pledge to undertake a small act of kindness, together we can start to make the difference. 



Small pledges can make a big difference

It takes one person, one moment, one action to make a change.

What are you going to Pledge to do?


Perhaps you’ll pledge to:

  • Chat more often to a neighbour and ask how they are
  • Make a point of smiling and saying “hello” to others when out and about
  • Volunteer as a One Step Out Friend at your local village hall
  • Invite someone around for a cuppa who you think could be lonely
  • spend time helping an older person do something they love by offering a lift or going along with them
  • You can choose from the above list of options or share a pledge that is personal to you.


Be proud of your pledge, share it with everyone and join in with the conversation around loneliness.


Help support our campaign and make a pledge today! Click here to pledge now!

A great way to spread the word about what you'll be doing to support the ‘One Step Out!' campaign is with a photo and comment on social media. If have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, you can use these channels to make a pledge. Simply tell us what you'll be doing and post it online letting us know what you'll be doing to support the campaign with the tag #onestepout. Don’t forget to tag @comfirst.


Help & Support
If you are feeling lonely, there are a number of organisations who can listen and provide support. They are just a phone call – or a click – away.

For more information, please visit:

Wellbeing Hub
Worcestershire Wellbeing Hub Resource Directory
Age UK