How to Survive Stress

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You may be feeling anxious, tired, irritable, depressed or overwhelmed; you may be having trouble sleeping, eating or concentrating. Everyone has bad days but if you struggle with these symptoms on most days you might need help to improve your health and well-being.. And you won’t be alone – one in four of us will experience mental health problems at some point in our lives.

Work is generally good for us, but sometimes it can make us stressed and unhappy, and juggling work with the rest of our lives can cause us extra pressure.

Wellness Works is a unique service promoting positive mental well-being in the workplace. We want to help businesses and voluntary organisations to create happy, healthy work environments for their staff and volunteers. We do that by providing support for employees who may be struggling with stress, depression or anxiety and by helping managers to support and motivate their staff.

Our aim is to help people stay in the workforce by becoming more resilient, so Wellness Works is good for people and good for business!