Funding and Managing Development

Before you start chasing the money…….

Before embarking on the time consuming business of raising money to refurbish or rebuild your hall

  • Read the leaflet ‘Steps for Funding the fabric of community buildings. VH1S 23
  • Unless you are an experienced successful fundraiser, don’t try to fill in and submit funding applications without getting outside help. We can and will help you. We deal with funding applications all the time.. We will look at your drafts, suggest things to change, tell you what to say and what not to say, show you how you can do an effective hard sell on your project. We can make a big difference to your chances of success
  • Read this helpful list from Herefordshire’s project development team

Ten Do’s and Don’ts for making a good funding application

1. Confine your application to the information required
2. Show evidence of need for the project
3. Describe the project in a way that it meets the funder’s priorities
4. Make sure your objectives are clear and measurable
5. Describe how the project will be managed and monitored
6. Make a request for a specific sum of money
7. Ensure the figures in the budget add up!!
8. Make sure the budget is realistic
9. Make it clear where any other money is coming from
10.Describe your “exit strategy” (how you intend to carry on after the grant)

1. Rush to get an application in for an unrealistic deadline
2. Make spelling mistakes or use abbreviations and jargon
3. Make vague statements about what you want to do
4. Present a huge list of things you want to do
5. Forget to include all expenditure items and overheads in the costs
6. Forget about inflation and VAT where applicable
7. Rely on one person to put in the application
8. Send in lots of other information unless it is requested by the funder
9. Forget to send in anything else the funder has asked for
10.Forget to compare supporting information and the application

And here’s 2 extra pointers from us
Gather all the facts and figures you can about ….what happens in your hall, how often, average attendance numbers, who lives in your area.

You don’t need to keep re writing stuff. Create an e-folder with all your best bits of writing in it; your description of your hall and who you serve, about what you need to do to the building, about why it’s needed, about who will benefit and why. You will be able to use these bits in different funding applications.

List of Funders

We check the accuracy of our funders list regularly but details can change between our checks so look carefully at the terms and conditions of each fund we list to ensure they are still relevant to your needs.

Garfield Weston Foundation

Will consider applications for capital for community buildings including churches. They look for evidence of existing fundraising success.

People's Postcode Lottery

Applications accepted through their website Grants ranging from £500 up to £10,000. See site for application deadline dates.

Awards for All

Grants of between £300 and £10,000 for people to take part in art, sport, heritage and community activities, and projects that promote education, the environment and health in the local community

Landfill Entrust Schemes

To be eligible for the following schemes, organisations must first be an Enrolled Environmental Body with ENTRUST


To support projects that provide support for Community Projects located within the 10 mile vicinity of a Biffa operation  

Herefordshire Only

Copies of the Herefordshire Funding Directory which has information about a broad range of grants, Council and otherwise, can be downloaded from

Worcestershire and Herefordshire

Search Worcestershire County Council’s Funding Search Website. Simple to focus down on available funding sources for community buildings

Community Dividend

Max Value £5,000 . Financial assistance is available to voluntary, self-help, co-operative and not-for-profit organisations for projects that fulfil a community need. Must show proximity to Midlands Coop Soc. outlet   

National Schemes

Rank Foundation

The promotion of Christian principles through film and other media. encouraging and developing leadership amongst young people, supporting disadvantaged young people and those frail or lonely through old age or disability.

Charles Hayward Foundation

Part funds a very limited number of capital projects to accommodate community activities, where the project is a capital build or extension costing less than £250,000. The new facilities must accommodate new activities, which are at a demonstrably advanced stage in their planning. The activities must be designed to meet basic needs of new clients and users.

Lloyds TSB Foundation

Invests in community based projects which are designed to make a real and positive impact on within communities

Age UK

Small clubs, groups and forums receiving their grants must be independently constituted, not-for-profit and accessible to all people in later life.Their grant funds are built up from donations by individuals, charitable trusts and companies.They also occasionally receive government and national lottery funding for distribution to local projects.

Gannett Foundation

The Gannett Foundation supports projects which take a creative approach to fundamental issues such as education and neighbourhood improvements, economic development, youth development, local problem solving, assistance to disadvantaged or disabled people, environmental conservation and cultural enrichment. Registered charities in the areas where Newsquest operates in the UK, can apply for grants of £1,000 - £5,000. Larger grants are available for exceptional projects 

Veolia Environmental Trust

They can only fund categories that come under specific categories of the Landfill Communities Fund.  Projects must be within 5 miles of one of their sites 

Eveson Charitable Trust
To provide grants to charitable institutions for the support or relief of people with disabilities, hospitals and hospices, children in need, the elderly, the homeless and medical research. The Trustees will consider applications for capital or revenue
purposes falling within the remit of the Trust.  Potential applicants are welcome to telephone the Administrator to discuss their projects. Alex Gay, Administrator 01452 501352

Herefordshire Community Foundation

Grants can be given to a whole range of activities including arts,
sport, educational, environmental and welfare and are for all ages

Trusthouse Charitable Foundation

Grants of up to £10,000 for small organisations looking for running, salary, project costs; grants of up to £30,000 for one-off capital costs (e.g. building purchase or renovation).

The Henry Smith Charity
Capital Grants - One off grants for purchase or refurbishment of a building or purchase of specialist equipment. 

Funding Directories to look at.

Herefordshire Council Funding Advice & Directory available to download

The Worcestershire Partnership Funding Desk
The Funding Desk is a resource providing organisations in Worcestershire with relevant, useful and accurate information on external funding streams.