Energy cost savings for Community First customers

Community First has teamed up with Make It Cheaper to help its customers benefit from the best available energy prices on the market.

1. Make It Cheaper is:

  • The largest energy price comparison and switching service exclusively for small businesses;
  • in its 7th year and has 45 employees based in London;
  • Independently owned and committed to offering the best deal for the customer ;
  • Free to use;
  • Able to compare and offer prices from all of the ‘Big 6’ suppliers;
  • The preferred partner taking leads from eg uSwitch, HBOS, the Law Society and RETRA;
  • Receiving approximately 3k enquiries every week from businesses.

2. The business energy contracts works like this:

  • Unlike household utilities, businesses are not free to switch suppliers at any time;
  • 95% of businesses are in a contract which lasts 1-5 years;
  • Suppliers offer attractive ‘new customer’ rates and penalise loyal customers with uncompetitive rates;
  • If a business does not serve notice on its supplier it will be automatically rolled in to a new contract typically on higher rates for another 1-2 years (Make It Cheaper can supply a template termination letter);
  • Make It Cheaper reads the small print, knows how and when to serve notice and can advise its customers on how to get on, and stay on, competitive energy rates.

3. If you are interested in receiving help from Make It Cheaper on its non-domestic electricity and/or gas bills

  • Complete the attached letter of authority and post it back to us at 41a Bridge St, Hereford HR4 9DG together with all the pages of a recent bill (electricity and or gas) so we can process them and send on to them.
  • The Letter of Authority allows Make It Cheaper to contact your supplier(s) to confirm when the current energy contract(s) ends;
  • Make It Cheaper contacts you and advises on its current situation and when action is required ie when your current contract is due to end;
  • Make It Cheaper calls you ahead of its contract renewal date to get it the best rates in the market in a process which should take no more than 10 minutes on the ‘phone.