Community Led Housing Support

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Community Led Housing Support

Community First is a delivery partner for both the Marches and Worcestershire Community Led Housing Hubs. We can provide advice, guidance and support to Community Led Housing projects from self-builders to large scale community led redevelopments in rural areas. Our advisers have completed the National Community Led Homes training to support you through your development as a group, project and housing scheme. the Community Led Homes website shows the recognised five step pathway for Community Led Housing and has great resources to help you Community Led Homes England 

What is Community Led Housing?

Community Led Housing are homes that are built or redeveloped to meet the real needs of our rural communities in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. All too often housing developments in rural towns and villages are designed and constructed to increase the profits for the developer, which is not guaranteed to be the type of housing that communities themselves want or need. 

It may be a Neighbourhood Planning process or simply a group of local residents who want to meet the needs of their growing families, whatever the reasons for developing Community Led Homes, we can help you to develop your Group, identify and secure a Site, negotiate through the Planning process, Build the homes and then Live in them for the long term.

We have continued to support Community Led Housing groups throughout the Covid-19 period using remote working, telephone support, online collaborative tools and web conferencing, we are Zoom fluent! 

Funding your support

The support to your Community Led Housing project is funded through our membership of the Marches and Worcestershire Community Led Housing Hubs and is at no cost to your group. The funding is only secured until March 2021 so we would encourage you to take up this offer of support soon. After March 2021 the Hubs may only continue if they are self-funded through a pipeline of building projects for which they will receive an amount per unit for developing.


If you would like support to develop your own Community Led Housing project please click here to email Community Led Homes Herefordshire and Worcestershire or call Nick on 07909 290942 to start laying the foundations for your new home.