Community First - Covid-19 Response

Follow us on Facebook. On a daily basis Community First are sharing the innovative things communities are doing for one another, whilst we work strategically with partners to increase our combined impact to support our communities, through the VCS Provider Group, including the NHS, Public Health and Local Authority.

Community First, like all others, have made significant changes to how we work and how we continue to support communities in new ways. We expect you to receive a seamless service, please tell us if that is not the case 07977 441860 so we can review.

Support for the Voluntary and Community Sector:

Community first has specialist advisors who can assist with your challenges. They are unlikely to be able to just come up with the solution at once but can help to guide your thinking, can share their experience and expertise and may be able to signpost you to other sources of help.

  • Development & Funding Advice (Voluntary, Community, Social Enterprise and Co-operative Sector):

If your organisation would benefit from exploring emerging opportunities, or is facing financial challenges and you would like to work through your options, please contact: 

 Nick Comley, Community First’s Development Manager – Community Enterprise

  • Village Hall and Community Buildings Sustainability and Funding Advice:

If your village hall or community building would benefit from advice on sustainability and available funding at this time, please contact:

Richard Timney, Community First’s, Community Buildings and Funding Advisor

The Wellbeing Hub 

If you are experiencing anxiety and a negative emotional impact, you can have a confidential wellbeing conversation with our team at the Wellbeing Hub: 01905 766124; 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Othere Local Links: 

Volunteering Resources for Organisations 

  • Click here for quick volunteering guide
  • Click here for information on staying safe when volunteering
  • Click here for an example of a risk assessment form

Local Grants for the VCSE

Covid-19 and Safeguarding 

Unfortunately, whilst crises bring out the best in humanity, they also bring out the worst and we have already become aware of scams.

Our advice:

Whether you are part of a spontaneous community response or an established voluntary, community or social enterprise, you have a duty of care to those you are volunteering with and to those in your community you are supporting; - the number of vulnerable people are going to increase;

Your responsibilities:

Safeguard yourself if you are a volunteer supporting your community. Follow a lone working policy, but at the very least make sure someone knows where you are going and when they can expect you to report back to them that you are safe;

Have safeguarding in your mind, be vigilant and be observant and if you suspect an issue, see contact numbers below to report;

Do not collect or hold people’s personal data unless you are GDPR compliant. Warn people not to give their personal information to others.

Do not open attachments or links in emails which are coronavirus related or other emails unless you are totally confident of the source;

During the floods we are aware of fraudulent crowdfunding sites being set up appealing for funds to do good. If you are donating, make sure it is to a legitimate organisation, such as your local Community Foundation Worcestershire or Herefordshire;

If you are a legally constituted voluntary, community or social enterprise organisation, you need to have insurance in place and check your policy covers you for what you are doing, especially consider your need to have professional indemnity and public liability insurance;


  • Children’s Services Access Centre 01905 768054 or 0845 607 2000
  • Adult Safeguarding Team 01905 768053
  • Out of hours Emergency Duty Team 01905 768020

Warwickshire and West Mercia Prevent Team

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has published a tool which contains a step by step guide to help charities in England with safeguarding concern

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