Community First and Malvern Instruments Announce Five Year Partnership Agreement.

As part of a continuing commitment to support local communities at its sites around the world, Malvern Instruments in the UK has entered into a five-year strategic partnership with Community First.


The strategic partnership with Malvern Instruments is a pioneering venture for Community First. While Malvern will make a regular financial contribution to Community First, the real potential of the longer-term partnership will be to enable joint working in a number of areas.

Malvern’s Managing Director, Paul Walker, has been impressed with the work of Community First for some time and with its ability to deliver effective support to a diverse range of voluntary organisations and community groups.

“Since entering into discussions with Community First it has become clear that our two organisations share similar values. I am very pleased to be establishing a relationship that will have the longevity, depth and commitment needed to deliver in a number of ways,” said Mr Walker. ”As well as direct cash support, Malvern will provide practical advice, material assistance and expertise, and we will actively promote, encourage and enable our employees to provide their individual support to the work of Community First and the organisations it works with. We will also be communicating the value and benefits of the strategic partnership to encourage other local organisations to consider similar arrangements.”

Formalising the agreement, Chief Executive Richard Quallington, sees this type of corporate support as increasingly important.

“In practice both the private and the third sectors have a great deal in common. I am delighted to be welcoming Malvern Instruments as a partner to Community First, and would like to thank the company for making this commitment,” said Mr Quallington. “Community First exists to help create sustainable communities and thriving local organisations, including social enterprises and co-operatives. As sources of funding for voluntary and community organisations become increasingly more difficult to access, we see this kind of long-term arrangement, with the ability to tap into the skills and resources within partner companies, as an exciting development in the evolution of our work.”

The strategic partnership between Malvern Instruments and Community First began in March 2013 and is for an initial period of five years.

Malvern Instruments and Community First forge pioneering strategic partnership in Herefordshire and Worcestershire to support local voluntary organisations and community groups

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