ACRE Presses Government on Affordable Rural Homes

ACRE, the umbrella body for the ACREnework of 38 Rural Community Councils (Community First in Herefordshire and Worcestershire), has published a Housing Position Paper, demonstrating support for 'appropriate' development of affordable housing in rural communities across England.

Chris Cowcher of ACRE writes: "At a time when the availability of housing plays a central role in sustaining villages and small market towns, ACRE wants to see the Government take the necessary steps to ensure that national and local plans are rural-proofed.

"In the paper, ACRE sets our 4 key asks for the Government and other national policy makers to raise national attention for rurally specific matters. By sharing this paper during 'Party Conference Season' ACRE is asking all parties to support further investment in technical support, so that communities can be empowered to share the responsibility for meeting their own local housing needs. ACRE wishes to see continued encouragement for communities to develop Neighbourhood Development Plans and promote proactive engagement in local planning processes. The position paper sets out a need for capital grant funding to build genuinely affordable homes in rural areas, recognising the higher costs of developing these homes. Finally to ensure that affordable rural housing remains affordable in perpetuity, ACRE asks for a protection from the Right to Buy in rural areas.

To read ACRE's full statement, see:

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