About us

About us

Community First is at the forefront of sustainable, robust community development in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. We specialise in providing high quality advice and support to community groups and organisations, to help them grow and meet the needs of the communities they serve.

Our vision is of strong, successful and healthy communities thriving across Herefordshire and Worcestershire where everyone can achieve their full potential.

By strong we mean that communities are resilient to challenge and adaptive to change.
By successful we mean that economic and social interactions are as good as they can be.
By healthy we mean that everyone’s physical and mental health is as good as it can be and that people live in a healthy environment.
By communities we mean not only communities of place but also communities of interest. It is particularly important to address communities of interest in a world where so many interactions are on line.
By communities we include all in Herefordshire and Worcestershire with a special emphasis on smaller rural communities where their rurality poses particular challenges.

Our mission is to support the wellbeing of communities across Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

To deliver our mission we must
Support - provide expert support to those communities, particularly through organisations in those communities.
Advocate - act as advocate, representing the diverse interests of those communities, particularly where they may find it difficult getting their voice heard.
Deliver - provide direct support to individuals where there are no other suitable organisations able to provide such support.
Manage - ensure that our own organisation is fit for purpose and able to deliver our mission in an efficient and effective way.

We achieve this by helping ‘frontline’ organisations to achieve their aims, through providing advice and information and business coaching and training, helping with monitoring and evaluation, including social return on investment, supporting networks and sharing good practice.

The range and variety of our work has given us a leading and grounded understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved in supporting local communities and we are keen to share our knowledge and expertise, working with you.

Increasingly our services have been purchased by the public and private sectors to help them engage, understand and communicate with the diverse makeup of their local communities.

We are here to stimulate thinking, support the work of communities and help turn aspirations into reality. We provide a successful vehicle that helps bring the voluntary, public and increasingly private sectors together and are respected for our ability to enable collaboration, co-operation and partnership formation.

With a team of specialist and professional employees we are supported by an active Board of trustees, hundreds of members and selected associate providers. Together we can provide expertise and capacity where and when it matters.

Community First is a Company Limited by Guarantee (England and Wales) No: 2504158 and a registered Charity (703072)