About Us

Creating a happy, healthy work environment!

A healthy workplace can make all the difference. There is compelling evidence that good work has a very positive impact on people –both at work and at home.

Conversely ill health at work can be bad for business and for people. And mental ill-health has a greater impact on people’s attendance and performance at work than any other health condition.

Wellness Works has been working with organisations across Worcestershire for the past three years to promote and protect the good mental health of employees and volunteers. We have successful trained hundreds of employees and their managers to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health problems and to give support in the workplace. We have also worked with over 60 organisations to help them reduce workplace stress and anxiety.

We are now offering this service to organisations across the West Midlands, with the aim of providing high quality and affordable support and information to employers and employees. We promote good mental health not only because it is good for individuals but because it also makes good business sense to create a happy, healthy work environment.

What is Wellness Works?

Wellness Works grew out of a lottery funded project, working with employers across all three sectors to create work environments which support good mental health and helping those with mental health problems to stay in work and to work well.

There are many organisations offering health and stress management services to employers, but Wellness Works is unique in that we passionately believe that we need to create healthy workplaces in order to have healthy employees. We work in a proactive way, focussing on prevention and early intervention, keeping people in work, reducing sickness absences and avoiding the problems that are caused by not dealing with mental health issues early enough.

Unusually too, we are part of a long established independent voluntary organisation. This means that we keep our employer and employees needs at heart, whilst providing a professional but affordable service.

Our staff

Our team is led by Amanda Wright, an experienced business advisor and mental
health trainer. She has worked with a wide range of organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors, helping managers and employees to get the best from themselves and their teams. Amanda can help you find out more about what’s on offer from Wellness Works.