Worcestershire Voices recruit VCS representatives for our Health and Social Leaders Forum

The Forum is to provide senior leaders of Worcestershire's principle health and care organisations with a forum to: foster relationships; build mutual understanding; discuss strategic issues and emerging opportunities and develop common strategies in-line with the Five Year Health and Care Strategy for Worcestershire.

Jim Smith, Chair of Worcestershire Voices Engagement and Representation sub-group said, “recruitment for the Forum has been an excellent opportunity to meet with current and future champions of the sector’, and the range of applicants has been impressive. We have established lead and deputy roles, to allow those with more experience to mentor those who are new to the representative role.”

Those going forward to support the VCS at the Forum are:
Mark Jackson, St Richards Hospice – Lead
Jim Hidderley, Wild Goose Rural Training – Deputy
Philip Talbot, Age U.K Herefordshire and Worcestershire – Lead
Vanessa Cole, Malvern Hills Early Help – Deputy

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