Worcestershire Compact Refresh

Consultation period ends 30 September .. VCS organisations invited to sign up

The Compact is a mutually agreed guide for good working practice between partners in Worcestershire.  It is built on the shared understanding that we need to work together in a spirit of trust and respect in order to achieve common goals and outcomes for the benefit of local communities and residents.

The local Compact was  refreshed in 2009 and is now being refreshed again to take account of the current National Compact and to incorporate Social Value in line with the Public Sector Social Value Act 2012.

The refresh has been commissioned by the VCS Strategic Issues Group whose membership includes representatives from the VCS, Worcestershire County Council and the Clinical Commissioning Groups. 

The group would like to consult with you as potential signatories to this important set of best practice principles and would ask you to advise if anything important has been missed out in regard to the standards and expectations outlined in the attached draft document.  A four week consultation period closes on Wednesday 30th September.

Can you please send your replies to: Sandy Bannister at sbannister@worcestershire.gov.uk and, at the same time, confirm your intentions regarding your organisation's commitment to sign up to the Worcestershire Compact 2015.

See downloads: compact refresh for comment, Cllr Hart's compact letter

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