Wellbeing Hub to coordinate regular Worcestershire Wellbeing Networking events

The first Worcestershire Wellbeing Network on 2nd November produced a valuable exchange of ideas.

The sense of the meeting was that regular networking opportunities for Worcestershire Wellbeing organisations would be welcomed, coordinated initially by the Wellbeing Hub.  There was also a desire to raise awareness of wellbeing-related services and activities by taking positive, creative and interactive events into targeted communities.   The need to raise awareness with professionals as well as people in a variety of ways also came out as an area of focus.


Wednesday January 18th 10.00-2.00 Redditch Town Hall Civic Suite

Revised focus of event:
It will now focus on launching the Wellbeing Network and providing an opportunity for showcasing and networking between local wellbeing groups, activities and organisations.  Visitors to the Town Hall and the general public are very welcome but the promotion of the event will be towards those who provide wellbeing services and activities or work with people who would benefit from them. 

We will provide stands/tables for organisations to exhibit and share information along with a programme of short presentations and mini-workshops on wellbeing topics.

If your organisation would like to take part in this event, please complete the attached booking form and return to wellbeinghub@comfirst.org.uk before December  12th. Please note space is limited.


Wednesday February 1st 10.00- 12.00 Perdiswell Young People’s Leisure Centre, Worcester
Our second professional and  VCS wellbeing organisations networking meeting, to include time for ‘walking and talking’ and finding out more about each other as well as to reflect on the January event with a view to planning future ones.

Wednesday April 19th 10.00-2.00  Worcester Guild Hall
A further community wellbeing event focused on services in south Worcestershire.

What to do for now:
• If you are a VCS provider of wellbeing services, please register your interest if you would like to be considered for a stand/table at either the January or April events by emailing amandaw@comfirst.org.uk. Space is limited and it may not be possible to accommodate everyone personally but if not there will be an opportunity to display information and contact details.  A booking form will follow shortly.

• If you are happy for your contact details to be shared, please let us know as we will create a list to be circulated within the networking group.

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