Update on Reconnections Worcestershire

With an estimated 35,000 lonely people in Worcestershire, plus strong links between loneliness and developing health issues such as depression, dementia, diabetes and stroke, the scale of loneliness in the county is huge.

Reconnections aims to help contribute to a happier, healthier older population in the county by reducing loneliness at its root, on a person-by-person basis. Available to those over 50, Reconnections first works with each individual to understand their specific needs and interests, before helping them work towards a goal – such as joining a local club or activity – in manageable stages.

Referring people who might benefit is easy – simply email, call or complete a short form online.

To find out more about the service, visit  www.reconnectionsservice.org.uk

email the team at reconnections@ageukhw.org.uk

or call 01905 740954.

To those who have already referred, thank you so much and please continue with referrals.

Take a look at Reconnections most recent case study:


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