Tackling the 'rhetoric vs reality' gap. Feedback from the TLAP Partnership day

The TLAP Partnership exists to support transformation through personalisation and community centred approaches. Several times a year we meet to identify sector-wide priorities and develop solutions to tackling and overcoming barriers. Their partnership model is fundamental to their success; it is demonstrably sector led and representative of the health and care sector, comprising members from central government, local government, Department of Health, Public Health England, NHS England, Allied Health Professionals, social enterprises, provider organisations and people with lived experience.

At their recent Partnership meeting, members shared their concern about the growing gap between the high level vision of health and social care policy and the practice on the ground, or what they call the rhetoric - reality gap. More importantly, they discussed what TLAP, as a national partnership, propose to do about it.

Read the ‘rhetoric vs reality’ gap report here.

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