Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs)

The NHS planning guidance which was received at the end of last year asked NHS organisations, in addition to producing their own operational plans for the coming year, to work together across a larger footprint to make joint plans for their local health and care services – a ‘sustainability and transformation plan’.

So health service leaders across the country are being asked to develop five-year place-based plans covering all areas of NHS-commissioned care in their area (including by working closely with colleagues in local government). The idea is that some of the challenges being faced are just too vast to be tackled by single economies in isolation, and instead could be better and more effectively solved in partnership with neighbouring economies on a larger scale.

While the guidance for sustainable transformation plans focuses mainly on NHS services, developing a credible plan will require the NHS to work closely with social care, public health and other local government services, as well as third sector organisations and members of the local community. - for details on:

  • What does this mean at local level?
  • Who is involved with this work?
  • The work-stream CEO sponsor and lead
  • What are the next steps?

                         - pre Easter - 'what are our challenges

                        -  post Easter - 'developing our STP'




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