Small Charities Week Event - 18 June 2015

Adrian Hardman, the Leader of Worcestershire County Council, has issued an invite to Small Charities (those with a turnover of less than £1.5million) to join him along with other Cabinet members and Senior Officers to explore issues and come up with fresh ideas, and share best practice to achieve, together, more sustainable results for residents of Worcestershire.

The new commissioning environment requires Local Authorities to robustly access ‘value for money’ services for their communities.

The networking session will run from 4 - 4:45pm and will be a great opportunity to meet other organisations and make new links. This will be followed by a debate and discussion session on the following topics:

Qu1   Do you think the charity sector possesses unique characteristics compared to say Community Interest Companies and Social Enterprises who are not registered or regulated by the Charity Commission?

Qu2   To what extent do you think it is important for small charities to have a unique identity in contrast to other not-for-profit organisations?

Qu3   How are small local charities responding to reduced funding and what measures, if any, are they taking to diversify their income?

Please apply and come along and make sure our voices are heard.   
Apply to Gail Wills

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