Reconnections Case Study

Reconnections at Simply Limitless

The client (C) was referred to Reconnections through the Citizen Advise community buddies team that is based at the York Street surgery practice in Kidderminster.  The Reconnections plan stated that she was depressed, had low mood and was diabetic. She had difficulty getting out of her house because of her arthritic hip.  She also uses sticks to help her walk.

During the first meeting with the volunteer, C cried quite a lot and spoke of her depression and loneliness. She also shared about her serious hip pain that affected her mobility, as well as other medical conditions.

The volunteer spoke to C about visiting her regularly and also about the opportunities for her to get involved at the Simply Limitless Health and Wellbeing Centre in Kidderminster. C quickly took up the offer of going along to an exercise class at the centre that was followed by tea, teacakes and community singing. She quickly started to come twice a week.

Initially C felt unable to do more than sit on a chair with minimal involvement in the exercise activity. However she now does everything including step work and is using weights. She has improved her strength, mobility and balance. Her conversation is now less about her ailments. She now enjoys conversation and laughter with her new friends.

C’s family are glad she is reconnecting with society. Monday to Fridays are now far busier for her. She has recently started a CBT class. C now looks so much better as she takes care of her appearance when coming out. She is a far more positive person. She is self-motivated, less depressed and considerably more active. C stopped baking when her husband died seven years now she is talking about cooking and she has started to bake again for her family. 

The volunteer has spoken of the privilege in working with C and is excited to see how the Reconnections programme has transformed C’s life.