Reconnections is a new programme aimed at tackling loneliness amongst older people living in Worcestershire. The Reconnections team is a partnership of local organisations, led by Age UK Herefordshire & Worcestershire, who have experience and understanding of the issues people face in later life.

Covering the whole of Worcestershire Recconections aims to reduce older people’s feelings of loneliness by reconnecting them with interests and activities in their local communities.

Within Worcestershire it is estimated that there are nearly 12,000 older people who are chronically lonely. Not only does this feeling of chronic loneliness have a devastating impact on day to day living but it can also dramatically affect the person’s mental and physical health.  Reconnections aims to reduce those feelings of loneliness, reconnect people with sustainable activities, offer opportunities to share skills and learning and enhance lonely people’s wellbeing.

In order to reach as many lonely older people as possible the team needs your help in making referrals to the Reconnections Service. If you work with or know someone who is over 50 and feeling lonely, please let us know.

Download the referral form which can be emailed to the Reconnections Team: or Alternatively, referrals can be phoned through on 01905 740954.

Reconnections are happy to also provide the following information and resources:
• Bookmarks to distribute amongst your colleagues and the older people you work with – please let us know how many you would like
• Loneliness awareness training for your colleagues or team – we can arrange suitable dates and locations
• An overview of the Service and how it is linked to health & care priorities in Worcestershire through supporting older people –at team meetings or by appointment convenient to you
• Updates on the learning and outcomes of the Service

For any of the above, please contact the Reconnections Team on 01905 740950 or email

For on-going details:

And find out more, download:  Reconnections Advert

Reconnections Team:

Sophie Pryce - Team Lead

Tammy Murphy - Triage Officer

Kay Wall - Triage Officer

and 5 countywide Assessment Officers

Contact Details:

Phone:  0800 195 8040