NPC report - UNTAPPED POTENTIAL: Bringing the voluntary sector’s strengths to health and care

Report commissioned by the Richmond Group of Charities and its partners for the Doing the Right Thing project

David Bull, Sally Bagwell, Andrew Weston and Iona Joy - April 2016

Excerpt from the foreward ...

'In October 2014 the NHS Five Year Forward View (5YFV) set out an ambitious agenda for the future of
health and care in England. Its vision—of making our health and care system more person-centred, more embedded in our communities, and more effective at promoting health and wellbeing, rather than merely patching people up when things go wrong—is one we share. What’s more, we believe that leading health and care charities have the right tools and expertise to help make it a reality.

The Doing the Right Thing project was borne of our determination to seize the opportunity of the 5YFV. In bringing together some of our evidence, we aimed to show that the Voluntary and Community
Sector (VCS) is not just doing the right thing by its beneficiaries, but also what works to deliver the improvements in health & wellbeing and in productivity & efficiency that the health and care system now so desperately needs to replicate at pace and scale.

However, while the need for transformation becomes ever clearer, worrying signs have emerged that the full potential of the VCS has yet to be tapped ...'

For full report:  Untapped Potential

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