Latest update from Herefordshire & Worcestershire STP

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Work continues on Herefordshire & Worcestershire’s Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP).  Some work on the plan was delayed during the General Election period, but has now resumed.  With Jeremy Hunt reinstalled as Secretary of State for Health, and Simon Stevens still leading NHS England, it appears that the plans will continue to form the basis for planning health services across England for the foreseeable future.

Locally, the STP has been updated to incorporate the feedback from the engagement process earlier this year, and the key themes are:

• Out of hospital care
• General Practice
• Accident and Emergency services
• Prevention and self-care
• Technology
• Transport and Travel 
• Bed reductions 
• Carers

The revised version of the STP will be published shortly when it is presented at the Worcestershire Health and Wellbeing Board on 11th July.

In the meantime, discussions continue about VCS involvement in the plan.  Following the presentation on the VCS at the STP Programme Board at the end of April, further meetings have been held to discuss how this involvement should happen in practice.  There is a recognition that VCS involvement to date has not been embedded across work streams and priorities, and that those involved must do better. The Board will be asking work-stream leads for assurance that that it takes place in reality, and the means of monitoring this is being developed.  More information about this will follow in the next edition of CLiCK.

From Carole Cumino

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