Key Sector Health and Wellbeing Newsletters

There are a huge amount of newsletters produced in Worcestershire by hwb organisations.  In addition there are newsletters produced outside of the county that can influence/inform us too.

The following newsletters are  usually reproduced in CLiCK our monthly e-bulletin and in 2017 all other local hwb newsletters, as sent to Community hwb, are being hosted on

Public Health Newsletter

June edition

CCG Newsletters

From the end of 2106 the CCGs have joined to produce one  new  quartely countywide newsletter called Commissioning For You

Spring edition

It replaces:
• R&BCCG:    CCG News
• SWCCG:      swbulletin
• WFCCG:      health-together-newsletter

District Newsletter


All editions

Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust

Worcestershire Voices

June edition

NHS Arden & Greater East Midlands (GEM) Commissioning Support Unit

June edition

NAVCA health and social care news

March edition

Sports Partnership Herefordshire and Worcestershire E-bulletin

News & Events

RAWM - Health & Wellbeing bulletin

March edition