Help to shape the future of healthcare services

With an ever increasing demand for services the three Worcestershire CCGs need to consider local needs yet balance this with the money available to us.

'We do not have enough money to continue to buy all the services that we currently do in the same way as we have done before. In 2016/17 alone, if we continue to buy services in the same way as last year then we will need to spend £25 million more than our combined budgets.

We therefore need to find ways of reducing costs in some areas to be able to protect other essential services that we currently buy.

Have your say ...

This survey is designed to help us find out what you think about some of the changes that we could consider in order to close this £25 million gap in funding. At this stage these are just ideas. No decisions have been made and the proposals are in no order of preference. We are committed to hearing people’s views about each of these potential changes before deciding whether we consider any of them in the future.

We have asked Worcestershire County Council to help us carry out this exercise because we work very closely with them and they have experience of carrying out similar exercises to this. We will share the results of this questionnaire in public meetings and publish them on our websites; however the results will be statistical and will never contain anything that could identify individual respondents.

Please complete the survey online using the following link:

Alternatively visit our website to download a copy of the survey to print, or contact us directly to request a copy.

Please return the survey by 30th May 2016

Your responses are very important to us and we are grateful for your time, thank you'.

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