CRUK's Ten principles for fundraising growth

Fundraising Live: CRUK outlines ten principles for fundraising growth - See more at:

1. Diversity - have a wide range of propositions to be sustainable
2. Think long-term - committed giving is quite expensive in the beginning but delivers long term
3. Think short term - CRUK has lots of fundraising activity, like World Cancer Day, that “just brings in cash”
4. Create capability - manage and develop people and processes well
5. Design your culture - what makes your brand unique?
6. Grow your brand - CRUK has people embedded across the organisation who are responsible for brand in their performance review
7. Innovate - and allow innovation to fail
8. Look after data - this helps to put supporters at the heart of everything
9. Manage portfolio - really important to look at how the whole range of activity works together
10. Invest for growth

Taken from Civil Society Media 9th February

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