How you do business, who you do business with and how you make your business decisions is important to your customers.

They are becoming more and more interested in your social and environmental ‘values’ and ‘ethics’ and will make decisions between suppliers based on your broader social responsibilities. The Governments ‘Big Society’ would suggest we must all work together and take responsibility and action for our own communities.

Do you want to say you are...

  • Supporting community buildings at the heart of the community and civil society
  • Helping to set up and enable voluntary organisation’s including social enterprises
  • Supporting communities in hard times to safeguard valuable services

Community First can provide the vehicle for your business to be making a demonstrative and valuable contribution to the work of local charitable activity resulting in 1000’s of vulnerable and disadvantaged people accessing vital support that otherwise would not be there.


Why read on?

According to reports, there are in excess of 4300 voluntary sector organisations in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, from small volunteer led groups to multi million pound social enterprises.

Combined they are believed to have an estimated income of £460 million and are a major employer with over 7200 staff and more than 86,000 volunteers. They serve endless thousands of people in need living in your communities – people with life threatening illnesses, people with disabilities, families facing poverty, communities facing hardship, communities with declining access to services…..their impact is endless.

Community First exists to help grow sustainable communities and thriving third sector organisations in order that those who need it can continue to access the support they need. For more than 35 years, we have been the rural community council for Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

We are respected and recognised for providing independent, high quality and timely advice that helps to regenerate, sustain and support rural communities, voluntary & community sector organisations and social enterprises.

Covering two counties, we have a main office in Malvern and a second base in Hereford. With more than 20 qualified staff, a strong board of trustees, volunteers and 200 members we are in the best position to help you get maximum ‘local community’ impact.