Community Bulk Buying Scheme.

Community First has set up a Community Bulk Buying scheme aimed at saving money on heating your home/office/school or village hall.

An oil buying scheme offers people and businesses the chance to come together to negotiate lower prices for their fuel. Communities making the most of joint buying power can make significant savings.

Why are we doing this?

This project fits well with our commitment to support rural communities.

With fuel prices rising, the cost of heating buildings to a satisfactory standard is becoming more and more expensive. In rural areas, there are many off gas grid neighbourhoods leaving people with the most expensive choices for heating fuel - such as oil.

We want to help rural communities cut the cost of heating. Community First’s Bulk Buying scheme can cut the cost of heating to rural communities and it has further benefits. The scheme keeps money in the local economy, builds a greater sense of community and cooperation and helps tackle fuel poverty.

Who is it for?

This scheme is open to householders, schools, village halls and businesses in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. We will initially focus on areas where there is local demand and the greatest amount of off gas grid households.
Where existing schemes are in operation, we will work alongside these schemes.
What is the cost of joining the scheme?

  • Householders - £20 per year
  • Community enterprises eg village halls, schools etc- £30 per year
  • Businesses - £100 per year

What are the benefits of the scheme

  • Community members across Herefordshire and Worcestershire save money on heating oil thus reducing fuel poverty
  • Money stays in local economy
  • Greater sense of community and builds community networks
  • Fewer oil tankers through the villages and therefore improved road safety and reduced local pollution
  • Reduced carbon emissions in county
  • Provides an opportunity for local people and communities to engage with energy efficiency measures
  • Co-ordinators can identify vulnerable people in community and refer for help in other areas

What do I do?

To register,  please download and complete the following registration form, making your payment to Community First.  We will then confirm via email/letter your registration to the scheme and you are then eligible to place your oil heating order(s) by the deadline of the 28th of each month - The minimum order is 500 litres. The documents are available by clicking this link.

For more details about the scheme please see the attached leaflet. If you have any additional queries please contact: or Tel: 01684 312734

For information on becoming a volunteer co-ordinator please click this link.

Please note: In line with normal oil company practice quoted prices are without VAT (charged at 5% on heating oil.

The price of oil fluctuates day by day and will depend on the size of our bulk order and the degree of clustering of deliveries.  We expect our discounts to start off at around 1 -2 p per litre but when we have developed good viable clusters we expect a discount of around 4p per litre. 

Savings will be largest for those who normally order in 500 ltr batches.  It is also worth remembering that where special delivery circumstances exist – like only small trucks can get access or where the delivery address is remote - then there may be a surcharge in line with the sort of additional charges these addresses usually attract.

Good News!

The scheme is developing well and going from strength to strength. Feedback from subscribers to the scheme has been very positive.  Below is just an example of the feedback we received from our  recent March 1st ‘Deal’:-

Towards the end of February this year I paid the annual fee of £20 to join the oil bulk buying scheme. I placed an order for 500 litres which was dealt with efficiently on February 28th at a cost of £322.88. At the same time I, as an individual, asked the same delivery firm for a quote which came to £354.38 (a saving of £31.50). I also asked for a quote from another firm which came to £379.32 (a saving of £56.44.) I would order 2 or more 500 litre deliveries per year hence a significant saving over the year.’

‘Great price!! I checked with my usual supplier and that’s a saving of over 5p a litre. Well done team!!’

Oil Price for January 2017

The first heating oil price of the year might be the lowest of the year!!

It is from WebOil the price is 39.89p per litre.

WebOil will be calling you in the next couple of days to talk about delivery and payment details. 

If you have any questions please call WebOil in the first instance.


Oil Price for 30 November 2016

In a rising market we have managed to snaffle a good price from WebOil of 35.20 per litre.

They will be calling those who placed orders shortly.

Demand is high at this time of year and weather not always helpful so deliveries aren't as predictable as we might like but we are expecting deliveries to be made by the end of the week.

If you have any problems or questions about this month's order please call WebOil on 01584 819345 in the first instance.

Next date for placing oil orders is 4th January 2017.

Have a warm and happy Christmas.

Richard and the oil buying team.


3rd October 2016 - prices rising - deal done

32.30p per litre ex 5% VAT  With Watson Fuels.

OPEC announced caps on oil production this week and chills returned to the air at night ... demand is up and supply is reduced ... result .... prices on an upward trend.

Remember if you have any queries regarding your oil delivery or oil payment please contact Watson Fuels directly on 01531 632712


31st August - Oil Deal Done

30.55p per litre ex 5% VAT.

Prices are rising but our group buying still pays off.

The price for 31st August 2016 from Watson Fuels is 30.55p per litre ex 5% VAT.

This represents a saving of nearly 3p per litre on the UK average price for 1000 litre deliveries and over 4p against internet suppliers.

Remember if you have any queries regarding your oil delivery or oil payment please contact Watson Fuels directly on 01531 632712


27th July -  Oil Deal Done

29.29p per litre ex 5% VAT.

Summer is here and yet heating oil is still needed - what are you all doing with it???

We have negiotiated a price from Watson Fuels of 29.29p per litre.  Delivery in the next few days.

Remember if you have any queries regarding your oil delivery or oil payment please contact Watson Fuels directly on 01531 632712


29th June - Oil Deal Done

31.92p per litre ex 5% VAT.

Oil prices are rising since the referendum and the market is inevitably uncertain, making negotiations more difficult as contractors don't want to get caught out.  However we still have a reasonable price which we hope will look good value in coming weeks. 

Watson Fuels have secured our business at 31.92p per litre ex 5% VAT.  Deliveries will be by Wednesday 6th July.

Please remember if you have any queries regarding your oil delivery or oil payment contact Watson Fuels directly on 01531 632712