Co-production Report March 2015

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Covering email from the Young Foundation following the workshops and accompanying the report:

Following my email in early March, I am delighted to share with you the final report summarising the findings and recommendations from Worcestershire’s Co-Production workshops focusing on Long Term Conditions (LTCs).

Across all three workshops there was a groundswell of support that co-production is a vital, innovative and creative approach to help foster effective management of LTCs. The support for co-production broadly fell into three interconnected elements:
1.      Empowerment – requiring services to shift their approach from ‘doing to’ to truly ‘working with’ patients and carers as equals by co-designing and co-delivering solutions, helping commissioners and service providers understand the problems faced by citizens and communities.
2.      Integration - building bridges between and across providers in:
-          Health and Social care;
-          Primary and Secondary care;
-          Formal and informal care;
-          NHS providers and VCS providers. 
3.    Relationships & Mutuality
Supporting a shift in the dynamics between those delivering care and those receiving care, brokering a true partnership and shared responsibility between professionals and users.

The report contains quotes from participants reflecting on the impact of the workshops, an executive summary, an outline of the workshop key themes and a description of our methodology and process. We would like to thank each of the patients, carers, members of the public, patient representatives, providers of services, commissioners, GPs, clinicians and professionals, who gave their time, expertise and insight. Due to the input of you all, the range, creativity and ingenuity of ideas captured in the report and appendix is truly exciting.

I am meeting with a number of key stakeholders across Worcestershire to finalise the logistics and planning for the second wave of Co-Production workshops, which we anticipate will take place in Mid-late May. I will circulate information as soon as we have details confirmed and hope to meet as many of you again as possible.

I will be in touch soon, until then best wishes.
Eleanor Cappell
Senior Associate
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