Co-production in Worcestershire

Peter Pinfield, chairman of Healthwatch Worcestershire said of Co-production (part of the ‘Well Connected’ initiative):

“How the NHS and Worcestershire County Council provide our health and care services is going through some of the biggest change since the NHS was set up some 50 years ago. From my perspective, one of the most significant aspects of that change is the commitment to engage patients, service users, carers and all those who are entitled to use health and care services as equal partners in their planning, design and delivery, or in other words doing things with patients rather than to patients. This is known as ‘Co-production’ and when it is done well it results in services which better meet our needs as patients, service users or carers.

To find out more go to Co-production

3 Co-production workshops were held in each CCG area in January; producing comments:

Carole Cumino, Chief Officer, Worcestershire Association of Carers and Health and Well-being Board VCS Reflector s said: "The discussions at the workshops showed that patients, carers and the voluntary sector can work with health and social care professionals to reshape services to make them ‘person-centred’.  If we can maintain the interest and enthusiasm generated at the workshops, we stand a real chance of making changes which will benefit us all."

Susan Harris, Director of Strategy and Business Development, Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust said:   “The contributions and reflections were thought provoking and it really did seem like a new way of working, learning from the stories from patients and working through what might be possible together”.

Visit: Co-production Workshop Phase 1 for the South West Worcestershire presentation.

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