Co-operative Enterprise Hub

Co-operative Enterprise Hub

Community First is the delivery partner of the Co-operative Enterprise Hub business support in Herefordshire and Worcestershire and is a member of the West Midlands Consortium of Co-operative Enterprise Hub Consultants.


Co-operative Enterprise Hub

With experience of developing a wide range of co-operative business models and legal forms Community First is well placed to understand the values and principles that enable co-operatives to deliver real change in communities through co-operation and member ownership. Business Support through the Enterprise Hub is free and the cost of registering your co-operative is greatly reduced. There are many more benefits from applying for support including access to co-operative grants and loans, so get in touch or apply on line.

Community First and Co-operatives

Our mission is to build stronger communities and co-operatives are a great mechanism for creating resilient and sustainable community businesses. These range from Community Shops and Pubs to Renewable Energy Generation and Social Care Providers, there’s a co-op model to fit your community enterprise needs, contact us to find out how we can help you to become a New Pioneer!

The Co-operative Enterprise Hub aims to expand the co-operative economy by creating strong, ethically-led businesses with a deep sense of social responsibility. We offer a package of advice, training and finance to help new and existing co-operatives become more sustainable businesses.

  • Advice, training and consultancy are provided free of charge

  • Support is provided by co-operative development professionals

  • Loans are available without security or personal guarantees

Whether you’re just starting up or already on your feet, The Co-operative Enterprise Hub is here to help.




The Revolution Begins

In 1844 a revolution began. This revolution was called The Co-operative. 167 years on, we're empowering people with ideas that could change their world.

The Co-operative unveil the largest overhaul of its ethics in modern times with an Ethical Operating Plan that sets a new benchmark for corporate sustainability in the UK.

To find out more search online for 'join the revolution' or visit: