0-19 Prevention Service update and new name

Please find below update on the progress and date changes for the tender of 0-19 Prevention Services.

Worcestershire County Council are pleased to have received a strong response to their recent consultations around the 0-19 Prevention Service and future use of Children's Centre buildings. They are keen to share the results of this with you as part of the tender process and want to give you some analysed data to help with your planning.

Due to the volume of responses received from these consultations, they are adjusting their timescales slightly and will be publishing the tender by the end of February as opposed to today. This will allow those who are considering putting in a bid, either alone or with partners, to have as much information as possible.

The tender will be published on the portal no later than 29th February and will be live for 8 weeks. However, if they can analyse and collect the relevant information before then this will be published earlier with subsequent notification. These date changes will not affect the contract going live on 1st October 2016.

Please also note that the 0-19 Prevention Service will be named 'Starting Well'. This is similar terminology used across the NHS and Public Health England and reflects our aim to give children and young people a good and healthy start in life.

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